What is NPM-Graph?
NPM-Graph is a Chrome Extension that enhances npmjs.com package pages with a widget that lists the most popular GitHub projects that use that package
Who is it for?
All JavaScript developers that use NPM
How do I use it?
Simply install the Chrome Extension, Once it's there, NPM package pages will be automagically enriched with the npm-graph data
When is it helpfull?
  • When trying to estimate the field-maturity of an NPM package
  • When searching for examples of well-maintained code that uses the NPM package
  • When comparing two similar NPM packages (like lodash vs underscore)
  • When searching for projects that use an intersection of several NPM packages (coming soon...)
Who does it work?
We constantly scan all GitHub projects and keep track of all their package.json files,
This allows us to maintain dependancy graph between all open-source javascript projects
What projects do you display for an NPM package?
NPM-Graph shows the top 10 Open-Source GitHub projects, sorted by star-count that have said NPM package under the dependencies or devDependencies section of the packages.json file in it's root, It also only shows projects with 2 or more stars, to filter out privately used projects